Remote Darts League Follow Up Questionnaire

May 6, 2020

Quick quiz answers from our other players including the finalists are below:

Top Tip

James Richardson - Work through playing in local leagues, on to super league and county level.

Jim Williams - Stay patient and maintain a good attitude

Tony O'Shea - Practice. Practice. Practice.

Paul Hogan - Relax and enjoy the game, don’t overthink it and play with a smile.

Darryl Fitton - Learn to count , chalking or marking games you can learn off other players how they get to their checkouts. Not a month ago I learnt something chalking a game so even at my age I’m still learning

Favourite Double

James Richardson - Double 20

Jim Williams - 16

Tony O'Shea - None this week, but normally double 16.

Paul Hogan - 18

Darryl Fitton - D20

Favourite checkout

James Richardson - 145

Jim Williams - 132

Tony O'Shea - The big fish, 170.

Paul Hogan - 116

Darryl Fitton - 170

Favourite food

James Richardson - Vindaloo

Jim Williams - Curry

Tony O'Shea - Can’t beat a Sunday roast.

Paul Hogan - Sunday Roast

Darryl Fitton - Thai

Favourite tipple

James Richardson - Port

Jim Williams -

Tony O'Shea - I do like a Coors Light.

Paul Hogan - Carling

Darryl Fitton - Lager

Darts hero

James Richardson - Dad

Jim Williams - Martin Phillips

Tony O'Shea - Alan Evans and Eric Bristow

Paul Hogan - Eric Bristow

Darryl Fitton - Alan Evans

Upcoming darts players in family

James Richardson - Josh (former BDO world youth champion 2016)

Jim Williams - My 7 month old son Max, although its difficult to see any potential in him yet 😊

Tony O'Shea - Not in the family, was going to say young Nathan Aspinall, but he has already pasted great expectations. The future is already here!

Paul Hogan - Son plays - Darryl

Darryl Fitton - A few years ago my grandson was playing some really good darts aged 7 he hit 180’s and bull finishes often (throwing from a shorter distance ) when I moved his oche back he struggled so his dad moved it back to where he couldn’t miss. Now he is 14 and has just started to play again so let’s see what happens

Best venue

James Richardson - Ally Pally

Jim Williams - Lakeside

Tony O'Shea - I know it is old and needs updating, but there is something about the Lakeside.

Paul Hogan - Lakeside

Darryl Fitton - Winter Gardens Blackpool but mist iconic was Lakeside

Superstition or ritual?

James Richardson - Getting to venue early, preparation is key. Pin badges I wear on my collar in comps.

Jim Williams - No

Tony O'Shea - I don’t really have any supersititions.

Paul Hogan - Early meal,  bit of practice, then relax before getting ready to go to the venue

Darryl Fitton - When I first got onto that famous Lakeside stage I was so nervous my first three darts were as follows (aiming for treble 20 ) big 1
2nd Dart (aiming for 2 ) I hit double 2, 3rd Dart (aiming for bull ) I hit 25. My 1st 3 darts after the referee called "game on" I hit 180. So now my 1st 3 darts when I get called onto a stage I aim for 1 D2 25.

How has lockdown been treating you?

James Richardson -

Jim Williams - I'm still working so the pandemic hasn’t had too much of an impact in my day to day life

Tony O'Shea - Gill not in work, so under my feet all day, every day!!! Not being able to see family.

Paul Hogan - None I am still working – delivery driver, starting 6.30am weekday morning, the wife is working from home, so a bit different her being there when I get home normally about 2.30pm

Darryl Fitton - I would say it’s changed my life but it’s made me a little bit more organised planning the days shopping cooking walking the dog & taking food to my sister who’s house-bound ! On a bad note I miss my family

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