Integrity reporting, education & sanctions

Player and tournament integrity

Integrity is key to the success of both players and the RDL. Contracts signed by players include a full set of rules that are designed to prevent players from betting on the event and from misuse of information by players’ families or friends. The integrity statement signed by players is included later.

A good example of how other governing bodies define integrity and educate players is that of the England Rugby governing body. Please read their one page information sheet entitled Betting & Anti Corruption. The headline says it all: “Do not gamble with your career” and the same is true for all professional sports, including darts.

England Rugby governing body

Inside information and misuse of information

We shall forward any suspicions or reports of suspicious betting or inside information or other breaches of our rules to the Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU). This will include misuse of inside knowledge of:

- a player will or will not participate in a match
- the outcome of a match
- player performance or in-play activity in a match

The Gambling Commission further define the spectrum of misuse of information as follows: the first two below are not considered inside information but points 3-6 are:

1. Art of Betting •Research or finding out information •Applying knowledge
2. By chance - uninformed •Overheard information or became aware by chance •Not aware restricted
3. By chance - informed •Aware that info is restricted
4. Restricted Information •Aware only because of their role or close relationship
5. Aware of criminality •Getting 'in on the act', failure to report criminality •Aware that either inside information is being used or that manipulation of event occurring
6. Manipulate event •Cheating and •Using inside information about the cheat to profit in bets

Reporting of integrity issues

Reports or suspicions can come from:
- Fans, players, player friends and family, bettors, referees, employees or contractors working for RDL and betting companies

The RDL will look at these suspicions, may carry out its own internal investigations including asking players for further information. We may also report any suspicions to the Sports Betting Integrity Unit at the Gambling Commission. This will be done in compliance with Player Contracts and Data Protection regulations.

We encourage anyone with any suspicions of betting or corruption in the RDL to contact us on: .You may also send us a text anonymously to +447771 838244. If you do not wish for us to call you back or use your caller number, this will be deleted.

Player Sanctions

If any player is found to have breached the rules on integrity, we may sanction a player as follows:

- prohibition of playing in any further RDL tournaments or leagues
- removal of titles, awards and trophies for matches and/or tournaments where a breach has occurred 

RDL Integrity Policy and Education, May 2020 v3

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