Round 2: the GeoComply Remote Darts League

May 15, 2020

Monday May 18 th sees the start of the second Remote Darts League, a tournament which is both bigger and bolder. The field has increased to 16 players consisting of the 4 finalists from RDL1, 4 top ranked ladies and 8 men from around the world. 10 countries are represented across three continents: Australia, Europe and North America.

“It’s certainly ambitious,” says Kevin Dale from host organisation Farawaysports. “RDL1 was a challenge, but through the platform supplier FSB we were able to establish a unique live contest complete with data feeds, odds feeds, video feeds, Youtube channels and widespread bookmaker distribution across Europe. This time round, we’re going global.”

RDL are also proud to welcome GeoComply, as their title sponsor. Since launching in 2011, GeoComply has become the North American iGaming industry’s trusted solution for reliable, secure and accurate geolocation services. This North American theme also extends to players and distribution too.

“It’s great to see four top North American darts players including Larry Butler, Stacey Pace, Joe Chaney and David Cameron in the new GeoComply Remote Darts League,” says David Briggs, CEO of GeoComply. “With league approval from regulators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the 120+ matches will be traded across a range of US sportsbooks.”

Whilst the world of sport is making a tentative return to the pitches and courts, stadiums will be empty. Meanwhile, travel restrictions will make international events even more difficult. The GeoComply Remote Darts League is a fantastic advertisement for live international sport and with its growing acceptance, may run for some time yet – even beyond lockdown.

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