Full rules below.

The standard rules from the WDF (WDF Playing Tournament Rules) will be adopted with a few additions/amendments specific to the Remote Darts League as stated below.

1. League matches are played as 10 leg matches with the first player to reach 6 or a 5-5 draw concluding that match. For the semi-final matches on the last day, a best of 15 leg format will be used, i.e.first to 8 legs. The final will be best of 19, i.e first to 10 legs.

2. Two points are awarded for a win and one for a draw.

3. If a player is unavailable for a specific match then the schedule may be altered with another match on that same day swapped around and the unavailable player contest taking place later. If this is not possible within that day’s schedule, the available player will be awarded the win of 6-0.

4. If a player is unavailable for a semi-final match on the last day, the knockout tournament for the top 4 player positions, then the player in 5th position will be substituted for that player.

5. After 20 league days, the top four players in the league table will compete on the final day for the top prize and league championship. If any players are tied on points after the 20 league days then the criteria for establishing order will be (in this order): leg difference, matches won, head to head and average three dart throw.

6. For the first 20 league days, players on the left of the fixture list will throw first in the first leg (and then on subsequent odd numbered legs). There is deemed to be no major advantage in throwing first when league matches are played in the first 20 days as a tie is possible. For final day matches which need to have an odd number of legs, league position will be used with the player finishing in a higher league position throwing first.

7. If a match has started that cannot be completed by a player, and if the issue is not resolved after a waiting period of up to 20minutes, the opponent who is available to play will be awarded the remaining games up to the 6-game total required.

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