Player Q&A - Top insight from our Remote Darts League players

April 26, 2020

We asked some of the Remote Darts League players some quickfire questions. Take a look.

Top Tip

Dean Winstanley - If you believe in yourself, that’s the first thing. Dedicate at least an hour a day to improve your darts. Feel comfortable in the equipment you are using. You cannot buy Taylor or MVG's arm from Argos . Try playing local comps . Enjoy yourself.

John Walton - Believe in yourself and the rest will come with practice.

Wes Newton - Practice against better players than you. It will raise your game.

Gary Robson - Believe and practice.

Alan Norris - Practice as much and as often as possible.

Favourite Double

Dean Winstanley - Double top

John Walton - Double 16

Wes Newton - Tops or 16

Gary Robson - Double 16

Alan Norris - Double top

Favourite food

Dean Winstanley - Chinese

John Walton - Full English breakfast

Wes Newton - Chinese

Gary Robson - Indian

Alan Norris - Roast dinner

Favourite tipple

Dean Winstanley - A lovely, creamy Guinness

John Walton - John Smith's beer

Wes Newton - Lager

Gary Robson - Vodka

Alan Norris - Ice cold lager

Darts hero

Dean Winstanley - My dad as he was an amazing player in his younger days , but as for tv players, the legend Eric Bristow.

John Walton - John Lowe

Wes Newton - Bob Anderson

Gary Robson - Jocky Wilson

Alan Norris - Eric Bristow

Best venue

Dean Winstanley - Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

John Walton - Lakeside, Frimley Green. The venue sends shivers down my spine when I walk in even though it is empty. It just has that atmosphere!

Wes Newton - Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Gary Robson - Lakeside, Frimley Green.

Alan Norris - Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Superstition or ritual?

Dean Winstanley - Same routine on match day. Three hours before play I practice routines, I have to hit a certain finish and hit doubles round the board.

John Walton - I always wear the same shoes. I still have the pair I wore when I won the World's even though they need binning.

Wes Newton - No. They don't work.

Gary Robson - No.

Alan Norris - I'm always at the venue four hours before stage time.

How has lockdown been treating you?

Dean Winstanley - I think the lockdown has taught me many things. To live life to the max, enjoy ourselves more, practice more and be more determined than ever, make time for loved ones more . And last be number one in our house again.

John Walton - It seems strange not to have to rush out to a darts match most evenings and to have a Sunday lunch at home as we are usually either at a county game or a super league match. It has actually put into perspective exactly how much time darts does take up in my life and made me realise that there is more to life – I can see a lot of people changing their lifestyle once this enforced lockdown is over.

Wes Newton - I've been home schooling my two boys and missing family and friends. All darts leagues have stopped so it's been great to play in the Remote Darts League.

Gary Robson - I've been walking next door's dog.

Alan Norris - I've been eating better but I'm missing the pub darts.

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